Update to Services in consideration of COVID-19: In consideration of provincial and federal guidelines, Gift Funds Canada will have limited staff and office hours starting in September, 2020. We will continue to provide full services to our donors and the charities that they support, but it may take us longer than usual as we accommodate the current procedures. Please send gift information to gifts@giftfunds.com and grant requests to grants@giftfunds.com

Please send all other general inquiries via email to contactus@giftfunds.com and we'll direct them to the most appropriate staff member who will reply as soon as possible by phone or email. Please know that we will do everything we can to continue to serve you and the organizations that depend on grants from your funds. Take care.

Endowment Posts


Ways of gifting charitable endowments with donor advised funds

There are many benefits to gifting through a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) for endowment purposes, both for the donor and their preferred charitable cause.

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What is a Charitable Endowment Donor Advised Fund?

Many donors are familiar with the concept of a charitable endowment but might be less familiar with how to establish this type of gift using a Donor Advised Fund (DAF)…

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