Update to Services in consideration of COVID-19: In consideration of provincial and federal guidelines, Gift Funds Canada will have limited staff and office hours starting in September, 2020. We will continue to provide full services to our donors and the charities that they support, but it may take us longer than usual as we accommodate the current procedures. Please send gift information to gifts@giftfunds.com and grant requests to grants@giftfunds.com

Please send all other general inquiries via email to contactus@giftfunds.com and we'll direct them to the most appropriate staff member who will reply as soon as possible by phone or email. Please know that we will do everything we can to continue to serve you and the organizations that depend on grants from your funds. Take care.

Client Benefits

"It takes a noble man to plant a seed for a tree that will some day give shade to people he may never meet."

— David Trueblood

Benefits to Your Client

Few charitable giving options provide the versatility and tax efficiency of a charitable gift fund in Canada. Our Charitable Gift Fund (CGF) Program offers some noteworthy features and benefits:

A Flexible Charitable Giving Instrument - Today and Forever
A single contribution to a CGF today allows your client to recommend grants to multiple charities - each year, every year - forever.

Attractive Tax Credits
Contributions to a charitable gift fund are fully eligible for a donation receipt in the year your client makes their gift.

Preferred Tax Treatment on Appreciated Securities
When your client contributes appreciated securities to a charitable gift fund, a donation receipt will be issued for the full fair market value (FMV) of the securities on the date they are received by the Foundation. In computing the amount of the charitable tax credit, your client will enjoy the benefit of all of the appreciation and pay no tax on it.

Potential to Give More Over Time
Contributions to a charitable gift fund are invested consistent with the Foundation's approved investment policies, under the professional management of some of Canada's most respected investment firms. This approach creates the potential for tax-free growth in your client's CGF, preserving the purchasing power of the assets under management, and increasing your client's ability to give more to charities over time.

Create a Legacy of Giving
Clients can name successor advisors to their CGF to continue the tradition of giving beyond their lifetime.

Separation of Tax Planning and Charitable Gift Planning Decisions
Clients can recommend charitable grants on their own timetable. Attractive tax advantages can be realized through generous giving today, while grant recommendations in support of qualifying charities can be thoughtfully considered for implementation tomorrow.

Simplified Administration & Record Keeping
Our Charitable Gift Fund Program provides your clients with consolidated reporting and record-keeping support. Regular activity reports will be prepared in an accurate and timely manner.

Confidentiality Maintained
Grant(s) recommended by your clients can be made anonymously, so their names and other personal information cannot be published accidentally by recipient charities for recognition purposes.