Advisor Benefits

"Give generously but not indiscriminately. Select carefully those worthy to receive your gifts."

— Lucius Anneaus Seneca (4 BC)

Benefits to You as an Advisor

The Opportunity to influence the Management of Assets under Administration
Assets that might otherwise be liquidated and redirected to other financial institutions or donated outright to other charities.

The Opportunity to Attract and Acquire New Assets
Assets from your existing client base and other institutions with similar products.

The Opportunity to Strengthen Your Relationship with Clients as Trusted Advisor
By providing effective tax and estate planning advice, helping your clients achieve their financial and philanthropic goals more effectively.

The Opportunity to Expand Prospecting Opportunities
Charitable Gift Fund Plans help establish and strengthen the relationship with your client's survivors, ensuring that the charitable giving habit passes from one generation to the next.

The Opportunity to Offer a WIN/WIN/WIN Solution to Clients
Clients will appreciate knowing that through your informed personal service, they will better be able to fulfill their charitable objectives, even as you continue to maintain influence over the invested funds, ensuring a 'win' for:

  • Your client
  • Your client's favourite charities
  • Yourself

The Opportunity to Earn Long-term Compensation
A recurring service fee will be paid to you, on all assets invested in a charitable gift fund (CGF) account.