Update to Services in consideration of COVID-19: In consideration of provincial and federal guidelines, Gift Funds Canada will have limited staff and office hours starting in September, 2020. We will continue to provide full services to our donors and the charities that they support, but it may take us longer than usual as we accommodate the current procedures. Please send gift information to gifts@giftfunds.com and grant requests to grants@giftfunds.com

Please send all other general inquiries via email to contactus@giftfunds.com and we'll direct them to the most appropriate staff member who will reply as soon as possible by phone or email. Please know that we will do everything we can to continue to serve you and the organizations that depend on grants from your funds. Take care.

Identifying Prospects

"The most satisfying thing in life is to have been able to give a lot of self to others."

— Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Identifying Prospects for the Charitable Gift Fund Program

Charitable Gift Funds provide an efficient and effective way for donors to support worthwhile charitable causes. Identifying clients who make the best prospects is an important key to successfully marketing a Charitable Gift Fund Program.

Client Characteristics

A Charitable Gift Fund Program may be appropriate for individuals with:

A Large Influx of Cash
There are a number of circumstances where a client's tax liability may be especially large in a given year, and they may need a sizable tax credit to offset it.

Appreciated Securities
Clients who contribute publicly listed, appreciated securities to a Charitable Gift Fund Program receive a donation receipt for the full fair market value of the securities (at the time of ownership transfer) and enjoy preferred tax treatment on the capital gains realized on those securities.

An Immediate Need for a Tax Credit
Contributions to a Charitable Gift Fund provide the highest maximum tax credit for charitable giving under CRA regulations. Donors are eligible for income tax credits on up to 75% of taxable income. Unused credits may be carried forward for a period up to five years.

A Wish to Leave a Charitable Legacy
Clients can name successors to their CGF accounts to perpetuate the tradition of giving beyond their lifetimes.

A Desire to Support Worthwhile Charities Anonymously
Clients can recommend a grant to a charity, secure in the knowledge that, if desired, all personal information will remain confidential.

An Existing Private Foundation
Clients who no longer want the administrative and legal burdens or the considerable expense of operating their own foundation may find this program very appealing. The same charities that can be funded through a private foundation can receive grants through a Charitable Gift Fund plan, without the associated expenses and responsibilities.

Wanting the Benefits of a Private Foundation Without the Hassles of Creating One
Clients may name their Charitable Gift Fund (e.g., The Jones Family Fund) and the Fund or individual donors receive recognition for any grants they may recommend that are made by Gift Funds Canada. This means that the Fund appears to the charities as an independent, stand alone funding program. While your client has the public semblance of a private foundation, they do not incur the administrative, legal and expense burdens associated with operating their own foundations.