Your Philanthropy

If something is important enough, or you believe something is important enough, even if you are scared, you will keep going.

— Elon Musk

Your Philanthropy

Throughout the history of our country, Canadians have dedicated a share of their resources to make life better for others. Today, you and thousands of others like you contribute more than $8 billion each year to a wide variety of charitable causes.

Philanthropy is most rewarding for you and for those to whom you give when practiced effectively. The CGFCF invites you to explore three areas that can enhance the experience and rewards shared by those who actively participate in giving decisions.

  • Plan your giving to maximize its impact.
  • Follow your passion to give your philanthropy personal meaning.
  • Put your philanthropy into practice.

Putting Your Philanthropy into Practice

Selecting the right organizations, identifying the right types of support, and regularly reviewing the results of your philanthropy are among the practical keys to truly effective and satisfying giving.
Wherever you are on this journey of the heart, it is wise to address these critical decisions as soon as possible. It is simply a fact that many people of good intention run out of time before their intentions can be actualized.

The following considerations can help you achieve more effective philanthropy: