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Ten Workplace Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising events and activities in the workplace not only help businesses make a difference for charity, they’re also a way to unite employees, boost morale, and build relationships between companies and their community.

Some workplace fundraisers are started by a single employee who is passionate about a charity or cause. In other cases, the direction may come from management or a partnership with a local charity with specific goals. Depending on a company’s available time, resources, and the fundraising goal, there are many ways to rise money for charity.

Whether your company is planning a charitable event or you’re an advisor helping a client get started, here are ten workplace fundraising ideas for businesses of all sizes.

1. Fun run/walk

A great way to get out of the office and moving is with a run or walk for charity. A highly scalable option where anyone can participate, a run or walk event could be just for employees who get pledges and get out there or engage local sponsorships to involve the community and other businesses.

2. Golf tournament

Often associated with larger corporations, a golf tournament is not exclusive to bigger businesses. Depending on the number of entrants and if there is a dinner or other activities included with the event, a golf tournament is a great option to raise awareness and bring players and fans together for a good cause.

3. Casual clothing or theme Day

Companies and causes alike have incorporated how they dress into raising awareness and fundraising dollars. From ribbons to show support for causes such as veterans’ health and breast cancer, to making a donation in exchange for leaving the suit or uniform at home to wear casual clothes to work. This type of fundraising idea at the office is a great way to boost morale and build comradery.

4. Charity competition with other companies

A great fundraising idea doesn’t need to be limited to a single office. In some cases, inviting other departments within your company or even other companies to participate in the fundraiser can inspire new avenues for donations. You can add an element of friendly competition into the mix and watch the engagement grow.

5. Fundraising programs

There are many fundraising programs that have done a lot of the heavy lifting for you. For example, Giving Tuesday provides customizable online pledge pages, social media tools, and posters for around the office. Movember is another good example of a cause that provides everything an individual or group needs to go out and raise the funds to make a difference.

6. Car wash

For Canadian companies, this one is probably best left for the summer months but is certainly a good way to get out of the office and raise money for a good cause.

7. Auction

Whether silent or live, an auction is a great way to raise money and a little excitement around the office. Engaging other businesses to donate goods or services for auction can raise even more money and bring more attention to the event.

8. Bake sale

A classic in fundraising, the bake sale is tried and true method for raising money and getting people out to show their support for a great cause. In the workplace, a bake sale is a perfect fit with the morning coffee or an afternoon team break.

9. Bingo night

Everyone likes to be a winner, and a bingo night can raise money for charity and payout to a few lucky participants. This idea can be expanded to a larger event or series of events depending on attendance, venue and a few volunteers to coordinate.

10. Payroll deductions

A simple concept that employees opt-into and a predetermined contribution amount is deducted from their paycheque at regular intervals. This option streamlines the donation process and enables a business to focus on celebrating milestones such as dollars raised, participation levels or impact that the money will have.

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